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Every fourth is affected.

Occupational disability is not rare and isn’t limited to a marginal group. Statistically speaking, a quarter of all German employees will, sooner or later, become unfit for work — and that trend continues to rise sharply. Accidents are rarely the cause. Instead, it‘s mostly everyday conditions such as back pain, mental health issues, or nervous disorders.

Nevertheless, many believe that they’ll never be affected by occupational disability. We have the “feeling” that we are all protected anyway. But that‘s a mistake, with 95% of the population not having adequate insurance.

Consumer advocates and insurance experts all agree; in addition to liability and health insurance, occupational disability insurance is the most important policy you can take out.

You cant’t live on an invalidity pension

The ability to work is an employee’s greatest asset. For those who can no longer work, their very existence is directly threatened. If someone’s main income fails without any kind of backup plan, the whole family unit is threatened with social decline.

State aid only amounts to 19% of gross earnings in the case of a partially-reduced earning capacity, and to only 38% in the case of a fully-reduced earning capacity.

It‘s a fact

that occupational 
disability not only destroys dreams,

but entire families.

It‘s time for

Occupational disability is covered


  • up to 250,000 euros per month
  • up to 75% of gross income
  • hardly any taxes, no social-security payments
  • contract is employer-agnostic
  • co-insurance for spouses and life partners possible

Fair conditions


  • no health questions
  • no physical check-up
  • diagnosis from a medical specialist of your choice
  • no abstract references
  • full benefit from 50% disability
  • insurable worldwide
  • no 6 month period of receiving BU required
  • freely-selectable waiting period (at least 30 days)
  • the policyholder is the employee
  • can be terminated anytime (notice period 3 months)

The lowest price


  • group contract (collective agreement not necessary)
  • only current risk contribution, no legacy issues
  • thus, up to 70% cheaper than the competition
  • all forms of financing are possible
  • also possible as a direct promise

When disaster strikes, reap the benefits

In case of entitlement to a benefit, we differentiate 
between temporary and a permanent occupational 
disability. In cases of temporary occupational disability, we pay a monthly pension for up to 10 years. If a 
permanent occupational disability is determined after this period, you will receive a one-off payment of a 
capital sum of up to 120 monthly pensions.


Our competitors continue to focus on health checks, and therefore on increases, exclusions, and refusals. 
We are offering better by abandoning health questions and thus making it much easier to get income protection regardless of the amount of benefits. Furthermore, through effective processes and intelligent insurance configurations, we keep costs so low that we can offer an average of 70% below the market price — with far fewer conditions.

Health questions? None.

Instead, only a statement of official duties is required.
At the beginning of the coverage or in case of an extension of cover, the employee shall confirm the following:

  • I can pursue my contractual daily work both mentally and physically.
  • I was during the last 12 months due to accident or illness or more than age-appropriated loss of strength not incapacitated for more than 20 consecutive working days.
  • In the past 12 months, I have not reduced my working hours, changed my normal job or my job due to an accident or illness or more than age-appropriated loss of strength; this also applies to home workplaces without being limited to them.
  • In the past 12 months, I have not received a premium increase of more than 50% or a reduced or rejected benefit under another disability policy of which I am the policyholder or insured person.
  • I have not within the last 60 days received the medical advice to stay away from work.
  • Ich habe nicht innerhalb der letzten 60 Tage den ärztlichen Rat erhalten, der Arbeit fern zu bleiben.

Little tax, no social-security payments

If pension benefits are paid, only the lowest profit share will be taxed for a temporary annuity. Social security contributions are not incurred. Monetary compensation does not constitute a recurring benefit and therefore, is fully tax-free and exempt from social security obligations.

Employee contributions for CollectPlus can be stated on tax returns in the same way as pension contributions.