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An underestimated danger

Occupational disability means that you are no longer able to work in your own profession. This can be for reasons as common as burnout syndrome, chronic back pain or cancer. One out of four employees in Germany experiences occupational disability in the course of their working life.

The problem: 95 per cent of people are not covered for this situation. Suddenly, families no longer have enough money to pay for the house, finance the children’s activities, eat well and dress well. This vicious circle is nothing new: illness occurs, financial hardship sets in, and families break up.

Although the insufficiency of occupational disability coverage has been recognized for decades, the problem has been largely ignored. State aid is insufficient, and conventional insurance is expensive and often insufficient, too.

We won’t accept that. We are so deeply affected by the fate of our friends, co-workers and customers who experience occupational disability that we have made it our sole mission to help people who can no longer work.

We are BU. And we have developed solutions that are fair, inexpensive and guarantee real protection.

What are you planning 
for the future?

Good plan …

But what happens to that plan, if you‘re suddenly unable to work?

Europe’s best protection against the financial consequences of occupational disability, according to analysis by renowned management consultancies.



  • monthly pension of up to 250,000 euros
  • no health questions
  • diagnosis from your own doctor
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